Canning Line Chronicles

Big things are in store for Sterling Pig in the upcoming year and we couldn’t be more excited. Of course, Sterling Pig Public house, our new location in West Chester is under way. But first! Our new canning line was delivered last week! Since we opened in 2015, one of our most frequently asked questions was if we planned on canning. While we knew that eventually we would like to can we weren’t positive about the timeline. It was important to us to establish ourselves in the market first and gain some brand recognition. It’s not worth putting product on the shelves that people aren’t going to buy because they simply don’t know who you are. So we did events weekend after weekend, pushed to get our beer into bars in distributors and put in the time to get the “Sterling Pig” name out there.

A couple of years later we finally felt like it was time and with the help of our friends at Sly Fox Brewing, we were able to can our first beer: The Snuffler IPA! Outsourcing our can production to Sly Fox gave us a great look into how the system worked and how we were going to make it work for us in the future. After a year of searching for the right canning line we finally chose WIld Goose Canning. We decided to go with Wild Goose because of all of the good things that we had heard about them. They have a long history in the business and everyone that we spoke to during our shopping period said nothing but great things about them. It was a no brainer. That brings us to now! We still have some parts that need to come in before we can officially start the canning process but we’re very excited to be able to put out other canned products on the shelves! A few beers are being considered to go into production first, but you’ll have to wait and see which ones… Which Sterling Pig beers would you like to take home in cans?